How to use Pearlwax

Get the right guidance to use Pearlwax at home. We have made a guide for you here where you can see how to use Pealwax professionally at home

  • Skin Tonic

    Our Skin Tonic makes it easier for the wax to get to the hairs while avoiding unnecessary dirt in your pores.

  • Afterwax Gel

    The gel is formulated to prevent red bumps from forming after waxing, so you can achieve smooth and flawless skin.

  • Remover Oil

    Our oil is specially formulated to remove wax residue from your skin and wax heater after you have waxed the desired area.

  • Sugar Scrub

    Our Sugar Scrub contains nourishing ingredients such as moisturising sugar grains and antioxidants.

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  • Tips & Tricks

    The most important criterion for a successful waxing treatment is to find the right temperature. The right working temperature is around 40-45°C. To find this temperature, first heat the wax beads to the maximum temperature of your heater and then turn the temperature down to about halfway between max and medium. Leave the wax at this temperature for 5-10 minutes before applying it. If the wax is not warm enough, it will settle on top of the hairs instead of gripping the hairs. If you find that the wax does not get all the hairs, then in 9 out of 10 cases it is because the wax is not hot enough. However, always make sure that the wax is not so hot that you burn yourself! A good rule of thumb is that the wax should have a liquid consistency, but not flow off our application sticks, as this will mean that the wax is too hot.


    It is not necessary to clean the heater after use every time. If you have excess wax, this can easily be heated up the next time you use Pearlwax™, so you can simply leave the excess wax in the heater and heat it up again the next time you use it. However, we recommend that you clean the heater after 2-3 times. This can be done with warm water, mild alcohol and a soft brush. To avoid bacteria, we also recommend that you keep a lid on the heater during heating, cooling and storage.

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About the product

Pearlwax is specially developed so that, unlike soft wax, the wax does not stick to the skin but only to the hairs. This results in a better-looking and more durable result, and you also save your skin a lot of wear and tear. In addition, Pearlwax™ removes your hair at the root, ensuring a longer hair-free period.Pearlwax™ can be used by all skin types, as the wax is gentle on the skin. This means that with Pearlwax you avoid the small irritation bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs that are to be expected with regular shaving.

The more times you wax, the fewer hairs grow back and the finer the hairs become. With it, you can enjoy soft, smooth skin for up to four weeks, whereas after shaving, you'll notice stubble after a few days.Pearlwax is a relatively new phenomenon that has become popular worldwide due to the spread of the message via social media, and there's a reason why the new hair removal tool is a hit - try it for yourself!

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