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What is Pearlwax ™ and how does it work?

Pearlwax is a form of hard wax that you can use in your own home. Where you need to use strips with many other types of wax, Pearlwax is self-curing. That means you only need three things to get soft and smooth skin: a bead warmer, your wax beads and applicator sticks. You get it all right here with our popular starter kit.

  • How long should the hair be for optimal effect?

    Your hair should be minimum 3-5 mm long to achieve the desired effect of the wax treatment. The longer they are, the easier the wax is sticking.

  • Are application spatulas included?

    Yes! and No - in our bundles there are always minimum 10 of each application spatulas included!

  • How warm does the heater get?

    It can be set between 40 to 45 °C. A good rule of thumb may be that the adult should have a liquid consistency, but not flow from our applicator sticks.

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Pearlwax™ Starter KitPearlwax™ Starter Kit