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Pearlwax Starter Kit
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Why choose Pearlwax?

The product is developed for home use and saves you a trip to the expensive beautysalon. Pearlwax can be used on any area of the body - like armpits and bikini.

  • Pearlwax is made for all skintypes.
  • Use anywhere on the body.
  • Get a professional waxing experience at home.
  • No need for strips.
  • Developed with gentle ingredients.

You can use Pearlwax anywhere on the body

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Long lasting results

Getting tired of shaving every other day? Put an end to it, by using Pearlwax at home, experience a durable, long lasting result.

Natural product

The base ingredient in Pearlwax is a natural Bee wax. That is what we call natural!

Easy to apply

Can be applied from home, with no need for strips. The equipment is easy and quick to clean after use.

Frequently asked questions

How long should the hair be for optimal effect?

Your hair should be minimum 3-5 mm long to achieve the desired effect of the wax treatment. The longer they are, the easier the wax is sticks.

Are application spatulas included?

Yes! For each bag of wax pearls you get 3 application spatulas included!

How many treatments are there in one bag of pearls?

About 10. A treatment is defined as a 15-20 cm wax strip on, for example one whole leg or both shins.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) and PayPal. All transactions are secure and encrypted.

How long does the delivery take?

Our delivery takes 2-3 days when your order has been confirmed. We ship from Denmark.

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