Wax treatment for the whole body with Pearlwax.co.uk

Wax treatment for the whole body with Pearlwax.co.uk

Can we agree on one thing..?

…it is almost impossible to get a wax treatment without feeling any pain?

But is it worth the hassle?

I would like to tell you, why a wax treatment is a right way to go when it comes to hair removal.

Why get a Pearlwax wax treatment?

It is no secret that wax treatments can be quite painful – especially the Brazilian type.

That alone is unfortunately why many choose not to use the most effective hair removal method, which gives much better results than the alternatives.

We are at Pearlwax.co.uk great advocates of the sustainable and gentle results (compared to shaving) of waxing. But we are absolutely not followers of the pain that you used to hear about wax treatments.

When pearl wax was discovered, it did not take long before we decided to give this type of wax a go – and the experience was game changing!

Pearlwax is the perfect combination of painless and sustainable results when it comes to hair removal.

Pearlwax is also much gentler to the skin compared to shaving and regular wax, which gives you a healthier result.


Why does Pearlwax wax hurt less?

The secret behind pearl wax, is the use of beeswax. Pearlwax has with its most important ingredient, become noticeably less painful compared to regular wax.

The reason for this is that synthetic wax often grips both the skin and hairs, but with beeswax, it only sticks to the hair.

This means that the pain is reduced to only affect the follicles and by doing that causes less stress on the skin around the hairs.

If you are an experienced waxer, you would also know that synthetic wax can sometimes rip off small patches of skin – this, of course, leaves you with small scratches and wounds and leaves the skin vulnerable to bacteria and infection.

With Pearlwax the skin is left untouched and clean of hairs, who would not love that?


For you with a low pain threshold

If you have tried getting waxed with synthetic wax and felt how painful it was, Pearlwax is definitely something you need to try as it is a much less painful type of treatment.

We at Pearlwax wants to give our users the best possible experience as possible. That means that vi are experts in every aspect of waxing – especially why it is so painful. Our discoveries and research have helped us develop the least painful wax.

Below you can read how to give yourself the least painful wax treatment at home with Pearlwax.

Do it regularly

Many people believe that waxing increases hair growth, the truth is actually the opposite. This means that the more you wax, the less hair will grow back out. And with less hair to remove the treatment will be less painful with each time.

If you are replacing your regular wax with Pearlwax, you will already be able to feel a difference the first time you try!

Numbing cream

If your skin is very sensitive and your pain threshold is low, it can in some cases help to use a numbing cream before your treatment.

Such cream can usually be found in most pharmacies. Do note that pain is the body’s way to tell you when you should take a break or end the treatment immediately.

The numbing cream weakens this communication between you and your body and you have to be really careful and listen to your body during the treatment.

When using numbing cream it is very important that you check the temperature of the wax on an area of skin that is not affected by the cream in order to make sure that the wax is ready to use.

If you start waxing while being under the effect of the numbing cream, you can get some nasty burns, so be careful!


Prepare your skin

Any expert in dermatology will tell you that exfoliating removes dead skin cells and cleanses the skin and leaves prone to absorb skincare products. But did you know that exfoliating is perfect for preparing for waxing too?

Exfoliating also releases hair from sticking to the skin and reveals ingrown and partly ingrown hairs. The result is that the wax can stick to these newly released hairs and removes them at an instant. This saves you from many painful moments with the tweezers afterwards.

Use your favourite scrub without perfume and wash the desired area.

Avoid waxing during your period

If you are a man you can easily skip this step and jump to the next, but we experience that most wax users are strong, independent and tough women – and we love it!

Women do have a monthly cycle where the hormones go bananas and often causes the body to be more sensitive.

Therefore we recommend that you avoid waxing during your period, ladies.


Skin tight!

Although skinny jeans are a hit right now, it is not what we are going to discuss in the following section.

Most people know that you can remove the amount of pain by applying pressure on the waxed area right after you remove the hardened wax. But did you also know that you can reduce pain even further by holding the skin taut while ripping the wax off?

Hold the skin nice and tight with one hand while removing the wax with the other. With flexible wax like Pearlwax this is one of the best tips we can give you.

Which direction?

The hair on your upper lip and armpits grows in two different directions, this means that you have to wax these areas during two turns.

For the armpits, we recommend that you apply the wax upwards on the upper half and pull downwards away from the hair growth. Do the opposite for the lower half.

Use the same procedure on the upper lip – this will save you countless attempts to get it right!


Is your skin sore after waxing?

Use a gel or lotion containing Aloe Vera or Chamomile for aftercare of the skin. These ingredients a renowned to reduce inflammation and calms the skin effectively.

Avoid any skin care products containing perfume or any other harsh chemicals – this can lead to many unpleasant side effects!

Pearlwax.co.uk are retailers of one of the least painful waxes on the market ever. Pearlwax is world-famous for being the best alternative regarding wax.

Here at Pearlwax we believe that wax treatments have to be quick, easy and painless, and we will do what we can to help our customers achieve this.