Hair removal with and why you should choose wax over shaving

Hair removal with and why you should choose wax over shaving

I think you'll give me the right to say:

That hair removal has become a bit of a jungle and the right solution can be hard to find.

Then we can reveal that you are not alone and we really want to give you an overview of why hair removal with wax is a good and durable solution.And of course

Explain why hair removal with wax is a great alternative to the shaving scraper.

Shaved or partially shaved?

If you think that hair removal is a new trend, I must disappoint you.

It turns out that women have spent time on painful and cumbersome hair removal routines for many years - although the earlier methods were obviously much less high-tech than the alternatives we have today.

Hair removal trends have changed far more in the last century than ever before.

Thanks to modern technology, pornographic images and the art of sharing intimate details on social media, thousands of ideals for what to look like can be found in relation to body hair.

Fashion changes all the time and sometimes it is popular to be natural, while other times it is popular to be completely hairless.


We see a recurring trend and it's smooth, hair-free skin on the legs and in the armpits - especially for women.

At we are in favor of you deciding what is right for you.

We are neither advocates of the speed strip nor au natural armpits, we are advocates of providing sustainable, painless and high-functional solutions to the people who want to remove their body hair partially or completely.



Why use wax for hair removal?

Wax has a serious "AV" reputation.


It is a quick and effective hair removal and although the pain comes along, the very short-term pain is worth the lasting result.


The benefits of waxing are easy to spot:

You can use wax EVERYWHERE on the body.

The result lasts much longer.

With Pearlwax you can use wax in the home, without a professional.

(It's a fun friend activity.)

We find that our wax users are mainly busy, strong and beautiful women, but need an easy and durable solution for hair removal - and fortunately we have that.

Although many people prefer the shave because it is known as the least painful alternative, we see that the conversion rate increases.

More and more women are choosing wax because it is now possible, with pearl wax, to get a wax treatment that is almost painless.


There are several more reasons why you should choose the adult over the scraper. Below you can read about some of them.

While shaving may seem like the most effective alternative, it is fast, cheap and can be done anywhere without creating a big mess, waxing outweighs all the pros and cons is the best long-term solution.

Pearlwax is used throughout the body

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The hair might not grow back

Yes, you read right! Wax tears the hair out of the root and this, very naturally, weakens the hair follicles. This means that the hairs that grow back are less strong.

If you grow regularly, your hair may actually stop growing because the hair follicles lose their function due to the damage. Although it sounds a bit tragic, it is incredibly liberating not to have to do hair removal too often - this is something most people dream about!

The hair becomes thinner and the treatment less painful

As you grow rather than shave, you reduce hair growth, but you also change the structure of the hair. The hairs that come back after waxing are thinner and more fragile and therefore less painful to remove again.


If you are a fan of painless wax treatments, you may want to use pearl wax - there is a reason why the product has received a plethora of good reviews.

Long-lasting results

Shaving does not remove hair, it simply cuts away the visible part of the hair. And that's not even completely true - especially on light skin, many people see the tiny dots from which their hair grows.

The hair is much longer than what you can see from the surface. They grow from hair follicles that lie deep under the skin and the innermost part of the hair is not removed by shaving - this is also why you can see hair stumps looking back soon after shaving.

Wax just removes the hair from the root. Therefore, it takes much longer for them to grow back and become visible on the surface of the skin again - which can go up to three or four weeks depending on the individual's hair growth.

Smooth, soft skin

As I said, after a shave it can be expected that there is a stump to feel already the day after the treatment and it is slavish, because then you have to start again ...

This repetition is not a mild affair for the skin and most people experience visible marks and scars after shaving, which can be just as uncomfortable as anyone feels that the hair is in itself.

The final result after a wax treatment is much smoother, softer and healthier than any other hair removal method, because the hair is removed for good (or at least for a few weeks!).

Pearlwax adds to its success by being particularly gentle to the skin, with its main ingredient being beeswax - the beeswax replaces the synthetic wax and produces far better results in terms of pain level and skin protection.

No more itching

Itchy legs, armpits and bikini lines are a common problem for women and men right from the moment of treatment, not to mention the hell that arises when the hairs are growing back through the skin's surface.

In wax treatments, this can be prevented by using nourishing quality wax made to prevent the aforementioned side effects.

Pearlwax is one of these alternatives and can also contribute with its content of beeswax, which makes the wax stick less to the skin and more to the hair. The result is less irritated skin and less risk of inflammation and itching.

Goodbye to tears and wounds

You can say pretty goodbye ugly wounds and stains on your skin when you choose to convert to wax.

Shaving can cause serious injury when the blades are too sharp or if you are not aware of what you are doing.

Although wax can also be dangerous, especially because of the heat and the quick twitching of the skin, you will quickly learn how to perform to get the best results. With pearl wax, it is difficult to get hurt because the wax is flexible.

If you don't feel confident enough to do it yourself, you can always ask a friend for help or go to a professional.


We at are big supporters of healthy skin with glow and life, and unfortunately, the disposable scrapes can kill off completely.

We take responsibility for our product and the risks associated with it and advise you to use it wisely and carefully. However, we know that wax, in general, does less damage to the skin in the long term when used properly.

And of course we recommend that you try pearl wax, as it is the best and safest alternative on the market in terms of ease of use and pain level.