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How long should the hair be for optimal effect?

Your hair should be minimum 3-5 mm long to achieve the desired effect of the wax treatment. The longer they are, the easier the wax is sticking.

Is there a difference between the colours?

There is no functional difference in the colours.

Are application spatulas included?

Yes! For each bag of wax pearls 3 pieces of application spatulas are included!

How many treatments are there in one bag of pearls?

About 10. A treatment is defined as a 15-20 cm wax strip on, for example. A leg.

How do you clean the bowl?

Pour the excess melted wax in the bin and rinse the bowl under hot water. The warmer the water, the easier. Another option is to pour some oil on some paper towels, and then rub the wax off.

Can the melted wax be recycled?

It is not recommended to reuse the wax if you want to be guaranteed the same effect during each treatment.

Can the wax be used for nose hair?

Yes, it can! It can be used for hair removal in all areas of the body.

How warm does the heater get?

It can be set between 0 to 55 °C

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