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Wax vs. Razor: Which method will you choose for hair removal?

01. October 2018

Wax vs. Razor: Which method will you choose for hair removal?

Should I get a wax or use the razor? This is a question that most women all over the world ask themselves every single day. Because what works best for me? There is no doubt that both waxing and shaving are the most popular ways of removing unwanted hair by far, even though you can now find a vast array of different hair removal methods.

It is very individual as to which method makes most sense depending on how much it should cost, the pain associated with the treatment and not least, how long it will last. At first glance it makes sense to many to stay using the razor as it is a quick, relatively cheap and easy solution for hair removal. But aren’t you really just cutting corners? And isn’t it about time to see whether waxing might be a better option than the razor, which you are bound to have been using all your life?

What is shaving?

Shaving is a classic method of trimming off unwanted hair growth on a daily basis. When you shave, you remove the hairs down to the skin, that is not down to the roots. There is no doubt that shaving can be regarded as the most common form of hair removal for both men and women, with men primarily using it for the face and women applying their razor over the entire body.

The advantages of shaving: 

  • It’s a cheap method
  • It’s quick to do on a daily basis, e.g. in the morning or in the shower
  • With shaving you experience a light exfoliation of the skin, as dead skin cells are collected by the razor during the process
  • Painless (apart from those times you accidently nick your skin) providing you use a sharp razor blade and a good shaving foam or gel that doesn’t dry out the skin

Disadvantages of shaving:

  • If you want the best results, you should use a good quality razor which can – particularly for us women – quickly make it an expensive business when we have to go out and buy new blades for our razor
  • The result is short-term. The hairs are cut at the surface only, so it only takes 1-3 days before you need to get out the razor again, depending on how quickly your hair grows
  • If you do not store your razor in a dry place, then there is a risk of bacteria build-up
  • Ingrown hair and red bumps, especially if you shave around the bikini line
  • The hair feels like stubble – thick and prickly because it has simply been cut away

What is waxing?

Just like shaving, waxing is a way of removing unwanted hair growth. Unlike shaving however, the hairs are pulled out at the roots, meaning that it can take up to 2-4 weeks before the hair grows back, rather than simply being cut off. Most people will be familiar with a professional waxing treatment at a cosmetologist, but over the last couple of years several different types of wax have appeared on the market that can be used at home in the bathroom. If you are interested in knowing more about different types of waxing, then you can read more about them in our blog post here: ‘Different types of wax for hair removal - read and learn’. The basic principle is typically the same however: you spread a wax over the area where you wish to remove hair, place a small piece of paper/fabric over it and then rip it all off. With PearlWax however there is no need to use additional remedies, as it is a hard wax that stiffens on its own when it cools down.

Advantages of waxing:

  • Long-lasting result of up to 2-4 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows
  • No more stubble! The hair grows out finer over time
  • Your legs feel smooth and soft for longer
  • You can use wax all over your body without problems
  • Avoid red bumps and ingrown hair

Disadvantages of waxing:

  • The first couple of times can be a little painful, especially on thin skin and dense hair growth
  • The hairs should typically be around 5 mm long to achieve the best result
  • It requires a special technique and can take a couple of attempts before you feel confident doing wax treatments at home

Now it’s up to you to decide. Will you continue using your razor or it is about time you tried something new?

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