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The ultimate guide to hair removal at home with wax beans by

22. August 2019

Why Wax at Home?There are a number of reasons why you would choose to wax at home:The first and most obvious is to save money - DIY waxing kits are available at anything from a few dollars upwards to suit all pockets.Then there is the convenience - no need to make appointments and perhaps not get the time or day that you really want.  Also, there are some side effects from waxing e.g. redness and irritation which, although transient, make it advisable to wax in evening when you are not goin... Read more

Hair removal with and why you should choose wax over shaving

22. August 2019

I think you'll give me the right to say:That hair removal has become a bit of a jungle and the right solution can be hard to find.Then we can reveal that you are not alone and we really want to give you an overview of why hair removal with wax is a good and durable solution.And of courseExplain why hair removal with wax is a great alternative to the shaving scraper.Shaved or partially shaved?If you think that hair removal is a new trend, I must disappoint you.It turns out that women have spent t... Read more

Wax treatment for the whole body with

22. August 2019

Can we agree on one thing..?…it is almost impossible to get a wax treatment without feeling any pain?But is it worth the hassle?I would like to tell you, why a wax treatment is a right way to go when it comes to hair removal.Why get a Pearlwax wax treatment? It is no secret that wax treatments can be quite painful – especially the Brazilian type.That alone is unfortunately why many choose not to use the most effective hair removal method, which gives much better results than the alterna... Read more

Wax vs. Razor: Which method will you choose for hair removal?

01. October 2018

Should I get a wax or use the razor? This is a question that most women all over the world ask themselves every single day. Because what works best for me? There is no doubt that both waxing and shaving are the most popular ways of removing unwanted hair by far, even though you can now find a vast array of different hair removal methods.

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